Travian Beyond

Travian Beyond is a Greasemonkey script for browser game Travian. It is the most popular travian script out there and you can get it from the link at the end of this post.

Since it is a Greasemonkey script you need to have Firefox with the Greasemonkey addon to be able to install it. It basically makes a lot of changes to the travian interface so that it is much more userfriendly. It gives you a much better overview and puts up lots of usefull shortcuts. I really like these shortcuts so that you don’t have
to click in and out of your different villages to find the right buildings all the time.

Travian Beyond has several other usefull features. One is that It gives you access to the notepad from the main screen, and also shows you graphically what level all your buildings and resource fields are at. This is really nice so that you don’t have to click or hover on them. Continue reading

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Travian Greasemonkey

Greasemonkey is an extention to firefox that is very useful for Travian players. You can get this addon for Firefox here. Firefox is a good webbrowser in general, so this is just another excuse for you explorer users to change web browser.

Greasemonkey is quick to install from and once you have that installed you can go out and look for scripts that will help you a lot in Travian. You can find these scripts at You just search for Travian. I’ve also mentioned some of the scripts I find most usefull in other articles here, just look under scripts.


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Travian bot

There are bots for travian that actually work, and you can find one of them here. I have tried this one and found it very usefull when playing an a account solo, especially in the beginning of the game. At the start of the server it’s very important to actively be farming all the time to grow fast, and having a bot to farm for you when you’re sleeping or away from the computer then is pretty awesome. Continue reading

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Travian scripts

Scripts and tools that are not allowed within the rules of Travian could be considered cheats. There are several tools out there, some are easy to get banned for if you use and some are not. The most well known types of scripts for Travian are probably the greasemonkey scripts. I’ve written more about greasemonkey in another post here. Use all of the tools and scripts I mention here at your own risk.
There are no cheat codes to Travian, that would kinda mess up the whole game, it is a online multiplayer browser game after all, and having something like that would just ruin the game completely. The various tools available are just made to make the more automatic and less time consuming. Continue reading

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Cheats in Travian

More and more people are using cheats and bots to get to the top of the ranking list in travian these days. Especially on the speed servers you pretty much have to use bots to be able to stay in the top, unless you’re able to play 24/7 or have lots of people playing the same account. The reason bots are so important is because of the farming. Top player farm hundreds of players every hour of the day, 24/7, to be able to have the massive resource income to grow fast.

There are several bots out there, and coconut bot, both mentioned here on this website, are good options. The travianbot you have to pay for, but in my opinion it is the safest one. I’ve used travianbot on maybe 10 different servers, each time staying the top 100 for a long time, and I’ve never gotten caught. You can also have a look at where there are several travian scripts and autos.

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Travian Scripts back again now

Due to some server issues the Travian scripts website was down for a while, sorry about that, but now it is back up and should be getting updated regular again. Our website about scripts for Travian has been around for quite a while, and hopefully you’ll check back regular here now for all the new content.


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